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Based in London, Willow Recruitment is a dynamic agency that offers top-rated recruitment services for firms in all sorts of industries across the United Kingdom. Our expertise range from connecting professionals to potential employers and refining profiles based on core competencies that our clients are looking for.

Management Team

Our team is composed of a lot of tried and tested recruitment experts who leverage on a wide range of industry experiences to choose the right candidates for the right jobs that fit their required skill set. We pull this off by inviting applications from top candidates who are graduates from the best colleges in London. These candidates are invited to our facilities, interviewed and trained on how to focus and do better on jobs that their skill sets are suited to. After successfully training these candidates, we link them to firms who require their exact core competencies. In the past, we have been successful in placing a lot of candidates with varying skill sets and knowledge at a number of leading firms across different regions in London.


Millions of bussinesses Worldwide choose Willow

Ease in Engagement

We only offer profiles based on the expertise you request.

Faster Profiling

Hire the right resource before you can afford to make losses

Best Freelancers

Find individuals who can be hired on contract or for single projects.

Easy Accessibility

Get timely updates on who is available and willing to work with you.


Kumarasamy Indrachith; a fully qualified Driving Instructor, Trainer, Advanced Automotive Trainer, Fleet Instructor, Assessor and a HTV instructor. Has worked in the Driving industry for over 20 years in order to become a competent professional who is able to execute crucial skills and knowledge to a high standard. He was keen to offer opportunities whereby different individuals with different background, skills and knowledge were able to benefit from. He initiated the company Willow Recruitment London Ltd, in order to offer individuals, the opportunity to be matched with valuable employers accordingly to their skills and knowledge as present in time, it is hard to find the rightful employer with the various skills and knowledge one individual may have.

Kumarasamy Indrachith
CEO willow

Client Reviews


I will definitely recommend Willow Recruitment for anyone searching for a job in the Healthcare industry. I felt very secure and supported through my journey with them. They made sure I was comfortable and placed with my placement and regularly monitored my performance and well being. The staffs were very friendly.


I am a student and I have to appreciate the effort and assistance in trying to find me an suitable employment to match my skill set and availability. They are very responsive and collaborative. They keep a keen eye for matching candidates to their rightful company. I am pleased as I received every update through emails and phone calls to keep me updated and reassured.


I have worked with different agencies in the past and I must say that the service I have received at Willow Recruitment has been the best. The members of staffs are very professional, genuine and welcoming. They have helped me immensely and I have received so much information regarding different types of placement within the Healthcare industry.


Willow Recruitment is a perfect example of the kind of firm I want to be apart of and represent me. As a company, they were very approachable and each consultant I met or spoke to took care and patience to gain an understanding of my previous employments and what I was looking for in a future role. Their extraordinary experience and coverage of the industry gave the confidence I needed and I was very confident that they will place me into the right role, at the right firm.

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