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Customer Relations Manager admin Full Time London £ / h Read More
Forklift Operator admin Full Time London £ / h Read More
Warehouse Assistant admin Full Time London £ / h Read More
Delivery Drivers admin Full Time London £ / h Read More
Truck Drivers admin Full Time London £ / h Read More


We understand how difficult it can be to invest in a dependable human resource and ensure they deliver results. As difficult as it is for employers, At Willow, we know it is not easy finding a dream job for fresh graduates or professionals. We believe we can help you find your way to your dream team, whether you are an employer or an employee.

Client Reviews


I will definitely recommend Willow Recruitment for anyone searching for a job in the Healthcare industry. I felt very secure and supported through my journey with them. They made sure I was comfortable and placed with my placement and regularly monitored my performance and well being. The staffs were very friendly.


I am a student and I have to appreciate the effort and assistance in trying to find me an suitable employment to match my skill set and availability. They are very responsive and collaborative. They keep a keen eye for matching candidates to their rightful company. I am pleased as I received every update through emails and phone calls to keep me updated and reassured.


I have worked with different agencies in the past and I must say that the service I have received at Willow Recruitment has been the best. The members of staffs are very professional, genuine and welcoming. They have helped me immensely and I have received so much information regarding different types of placement within the Healthcare industry.


Willow Recruitment is a perfect example of the kind of firm I want to be apart of and represent me. As a company, they were very approachable and each consultant I met or spoke to took care and patience to gain an understanding of my previous employments and what I was looking for in a future role. Their extraordinary experience and coverage of the industry gave the confidence I needed and I was very confident that they will place me into the right role, at the right firm.

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